How to increase the chances of finding your first job in the IT industry (or of changing jobs)?

The search for a job in IT is unique as, unlike other industries, the demand is bigger than the offer, i.e., there are more employers looking for candidates than candidates interested in changing jobs.

This produces an interesting behavior in the market… Candidates tend to receive job offers instead of having to look for them!

Interesting fact: In March 2019 we took a random sample out of 200 candidates that we interviewed and we asked them how many offers they have received in the last week, the result was striking: 93% answered that they have received between 1 to 10 offers!

The challenge then is in getting those offers and here we focus on that.

From a recruiting point of view, we work with the assumption (partially true) that the IT market is replicated on LinkedIn. Therefore, your presence in that network is essential so that when recruiters carry out their searches your profile shows up and shows up in the first place.

In this case, to increase the probability of getting a job in IT it is very important to have an updated LinkedIn profile with some special features, making the most of the details.

Let’s go from the most obvious to the less obvious:

  • Have all the experience and training related to your job search uploaded in your profile.
  • If you speak Spanish for example, have your profile also in that other language. Once you’ve done this, LinkedIn will activate an option that allows the person viewing the profile to choose the language. You can find how to create your profile in another language here.
  • Searches in LinkedIn are done by keywords, and the place where we put the keyword will have an effect on the searching algorithm. It is important not to misuse these keywords as LinkedIn may activate its SPAM filter and you will not appear in any of the searches. You should only add keywords in places where it sounds natural -making sure you don’t miss any of them!
  • Add recruiters to your contact list: This network has three different types of connections (1º Degree, 2º Degree, and 3º Degree) and this has an impact on the search results as well as the information available to recruiters. This article explains everything in detail, but in general, a 1º degree connection allows you to send direct messages, a 2º one allows you to view profile information and a 3º degree allows you to view a very brief version of the profile. By adding recruiters you will be a 2º degree connection to all the contacts in their contact list and recruiters, as they work a lot on LinkedIn, tend to have plenty of contacts. This will put you in the first place when searching and recruiters will know about you when they accept your invitation.
  • Once a recruiter has accepted your invitation, write them a message, it’s a great opportunity to let them know you are looking for a job.

Finally, outside the LinkedIn network:

  • Let all your network in the industry know that you are searching for a job. Give them some information so that if they see a suitable job offer, they can send it over to you. Also, there are many employers that offer bonuses to employees that refer to candidates. Therefore, if they share your profile in their office, they will be happy to help and they will also be rewarded.
  • At We Recruit IT we have different newsletters divided by technology where we advertise each week the main job offers that we have in each field. If you would like to receive the job offers for your field of expertise, you can request them here.

Bonus track: If you would like to know more about SEO in LinkedIn this article has very interesting facts.