When is it time to hand in my notice?

When you are about to change jobs there is the dreaded moment of leaving the stability of your current job and moving to a new one.

This is a process involving not only working issues but also contractual issues.

Therefore, if you are about to make a move, timing is of the essence. As it will allow you to finish your current employment well and start a new one in the best way.

First and foremost: You should not tell your current employer that you are about to leave your job before having confirmation from the new employer that your new job is going ahead. You should give your notice only once all the stages of the selection and recruitment process have finished.

It is worth mentioning that all the companies have different processes, thus it is important to ask which is the last stage. Some companies offer the job by means of a phone call, others by email and some others require a contract to be signed. It is essential to be 100% sure that all the selection stages have finished and that you will start the new job.

Once you have received a notification confirming the new position, you should give notice to your current employer. From that moment, you should ask for at least 10 working days to your new employer to neatly close all the duties that you have opened.

Your new employer may ask you to start the job immediately, before those 10 working days after confirmation of the new employment. In general, depending on the case, it is good to ask your new employer to respect that period. Beyond your future employer’s needs, it’s generally perceived as a good candidate quality to respect transition periods as it shows commitment to work. In the future, when you change jobs again, your new employer will be happy if you provide them with two weeks’ notice.