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IT Recruiting

Our process shown in this diagram highlights the benchmarks we use to find your candidates.
We carry out research, develop, test and implement tools to work with the most effective recruitment process. If you’d like to know more, come and have a look at our methodology.
What´s our objective?
We want a short, pleasant and effective recruitment process for the candidates, and at the same time, for you to have quick access to the candidates that best fit your needs.

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Who has already
trusted in us?

Who has already
trusted in us?

We Recruit: MCM

We have developed a recruitment technique called MCM: Market – Candidate – Market.

It all starts with a market study that allows us to learn how the different sectors of technology are integrated and which are the interests as a whole of the parties involved. Thus, allowing us the opportunity to determine if a job offer is appropriate for the market needs. This study is the MOST IMPORTANT stage of the whole recruitment process as it aligns the search criteria with the market offer.
At the interview process, we have developed a method that allows us to classify the technical knowledge of each candidate easily and in a friendly manner. Here is where personal interests become paramount in the interview. The aim of this stage is to submit an offer fully aligned with your knowledge, but most of all, with your interests.
Last, looking at the responses from numerous interviews provides us with a larger view of the market and provides a clearer starting point for the next vacancy.

How to improve the IT recruitment process to find the best candidates?

Here you will find management tools and working methods, among others, to maximise the efficiency of your IT profile searches.

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